AAA Flooring has been the choice for flooring in Vancouver for over 40 years. We have impressed many homeowners and builders with our quality residential and commercial flooring. We also provide other great flooring options like:

  • Carpeting
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring options
  • All Custom Hardwood

Visit our show room for flooring ideas or allow us to come to you with flooring options for your home or commercial space . We pride ourself in providing the utmost quality and attention to detail. Call or Visit us today at 604-324-3911

40 years of Flooring Expertise

Choosing the right flooring option can be a difficult task. Often you will see something in store and it will turn out different in your home or office. This is why AAA Flooring offers in home or office complimentary estimates. We have flooring options for all budgets. We pride ourselves in fulfilling our clients wishes of creating a beautiful living or working space. AAA Flooring has been in business for over 40 years and satisfied many clients over the years, we hope to add you to our long list of satisfied clients.

Custom Flooring Options

Is your style unique? Do you want something in your home that you can say only you have? If so AAA Flooring custom designs will blow you away. We can create a beautiful design, unique to your style, that will not only raise the value of your home, but also will have your friends and family asking “how did you get such beautiful floors?”. AAA Flooring we specializes in getting a reaction from our beautiful work. Call Us today to arrange a time to discuss your new project at 604-324-3911

What Our Clients Say:

Dianne Court Ltd hired AAA flooring to install new carpets in our hallways and lobby. This involved the removal of a very old carpet, installation of a new carpet, installation of thresholds, and creation of walk off mats. 

Our initial meeting with Andy Tkachyk was a very positive one. He was attentive, knowledgeable, personable and willing to do all the necessary work to secure the project and make us feel confident. 

We were told he had a plethora of qualified installers who have been with AAA for many years so we felt very confident that the job would be done well and to our satisfaction. 

The project was estimated to take 10days to two weeks. It was completed in less than one week and included the removal and installation of the new carpet. We were extremely pleased. They took care not to mark our walls the best they could, they worked quietly, and tidied up the place before leaving for the day. 

We did experience some problems and delays with some of the follow up work, ie installation of thresholds and correction of minor problems in some areas such as the carpet installation and the ordering of bound walk off mats. With any project of this size and complexity, challenges will arise. When we experienced a delay or problem Andy listened to our concerns, did not argue or try to make excuses and proceeded to deal with the issue. This we think is what made sometimes difficult and complicated project much easier to deal with. We appreciated working with Andy. 

We were very pleased with the workmanship and the project has been satisfactorily completed. We would recommend AAA flooring. 


Dianne Court Carpet Committee. 



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