Silky Splendor – Moon Beam


The Tryesse Ultra collection

Carpets made with Tryesse Ultra fiber combine unbelievable softness and great durability. With Tryesse Ultra, you get the same great carpet as the original Tryesse and double the softness!

Green Label Plus® Certification

Ensures that customers are purchasing the very lowest VOC-emitting products on the market.

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Stainproof Household Pets

Beaulieu Canada’s promise that your carpets will be protected from your pets’ mishaps.


Beaulieu Canada’s exclusive odor neutralizer. Proven to help eliminate odors in your home.

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Scotchgard Protector

Barrier treatment for optimal soil protection.

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Stainproof For Life

Stainproof For Life means you’re buying a carpet that offers lasting stain resistance.

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Ultra Fresh

Built-in treatment limiting undesirable microbial growth, thus keeping your carpet cleaner. Ultra-Fresh is a registered trademark of Thomson Research Associates, Inc.

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