Strand is a three color up and down loop reminiscent of a crochet knit in 100% New Zealand Wool.  Lighter shades to darker shades of neutrals are the primary color palette.

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Product:  Strand
Style Number: 92580
Description: Patterned High Low Loop
Fibre Type: 100% Wool
Pile Weight: 36oz
Pile Height (High): 0.25″
Pile Height (Low): 0.16″
Machine Gauge: 5/32nd
Pattern Repeat: 0.25″ x 0.6″
Secondary Backing: Jute
Width: 13′ 2″
Rating: Residential Extra Heavy Duty & Stairs
Meets VOC emission criteria of Green Label Plus
(Only meets emission criteria, not CRI certified)
Color Line:
305 Clement
310 Oceanfront
340 Shell Beach
360 Stream Bed
505 Temple
520 Talus Fall
550 Estuary


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