What’s the Best Carpet for High-Traffic Areas?

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Is there such a thing as carpet that won’t wear out?

It’s frustrating to watch your beautiful carpet turn into a flattened and soiled strip in hallways, stairways, and next to the front door. Follow our tips for choosing carpet that won’t wear out before the kids move out.

Types of Carpet

First let’s look at the material your carpet is made of. As a general rule, polyester will wear before nylon, nylon before wool, and pile and thread both matter as well.

Loop pile, also known as Berber, is a tight-looped carpet that’s extra durable and stain resistant. Loop pile wont show footprints or vacuum marks, making it perfect for hallways and living rooms, especially if you have kids or pets.

Cut pile, also called plush, is not ideal for your home’s busiest zones. Cut pile carpet will show footprints and vacuum lines worse than any other kind of carpet. The elegant look of cut pile carpet is due to the perfectly level threads. Even minor wear begins to show quickly.

Friezes are cut pile carpets with a twist. This popular style features the plush look of cut pile with slightly twisted threads woven through a secure backing. The result is a carpet with better wear-resistance than traditional cut pile but much of the same look and feel.

 How to prevent carpet wear

The pros agree that maintenance is key. There is no better way to keep your carpets looking new than with regular and proper care and cleaning. Trapped dirt acts like sandpaper, ravaging your carpet’s fibres. Ask your carpet supplier for specific care instructions to maximize the life of your flooring.

Alternatives to wall-to-wall carpet

If your family is anything like ours, they know how to wear out some flooring. Thank heavens for options. In areas where frequent spills are likely, you may want to consider carpet tiles. It’s easy to replace a tile or two if needed, some can even be run through the washing machine.

Area rugs and hallway runners are another alternative to wall-to-wall carpet and if they’re textured or patterned, they’ll help hide footprints and dirt. They can be removed to be cleaned, or cleaned just as you would other carpets. Another great benefit of these is that you can change the style of the room anytime it strikes your fancy. Hoodlums stole your rug? It’s cool, buy another. Moving? Take it with you.

Rugs and runners pose a fall risk to the elderly and those with impaired mobility. Rug pads and double-sided tape should be used to reduce the chance of an accident.

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