Flooring Trends In 2014

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Flooring That Adds Style & Elegance

Everyone has differing tastes and needs when it comes to flooring, however people are normally after one thing, a beautiful floor they can look at and feel right at home, be it in there house or office space. When you are looking at getting flooring for your home you want to consider a couple things:

1) Does the hardwood flooring match the decor of my home?

You want to make sure your flooring is a good fit with your existing sofa’s paint & other items you have. The last thing you want is beautiful new floors that do not match what you have in your home.

2) Don’t choose what is most popular, be you.

Unless you are building you home to sell, try to go with a style that matches your tastes.  You want to love the flooring you get as you will be seeing it every single day. Create your own beautiful space.

What type of flooring is in style?

Dark Hardwoods

Right now dark hardwoods are in! Top picks we have being selling like crazy are Dark Brown White Oak & Inverness Oak. Dark flooring gives a rich and contemporary feel that gives you home a chic, upscale feel.  Dark floors are a bit harder to maintain as they do show dirt and scratches a bit more than their lighter counter parts. If you want a durable floor you want to look at getting a thicker wear layer as it is more resistant to scratching and penetrating the actual wood layer. For those looking to go as dark as possible, if you are adding in new oak floors, choose white oak flooring over red oak as white oak is slightly darker than other oaks.

Browns & Golds

In the market place right now there is a shift from the reds and oranges to more of a brown/ gold coloured floor. These types of floors tend to be easier to decorate with as they are neutral, and easier to maintain for some. Red tones like burgundy’s can clash with changes you might make in a few years to your paint or furniture.

Wide Plank

Wide plank hardwood offers a unique look that mimics the type of flooring found in prestigious historic properties as well as country farmhouses.  Right now wide plank flooring is in for 2014, some of our best sellers are wide plank. If you were to consider what is in right now, you could go with a beautiful white oak dark hardwood, with a wide plank.

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